AVVC Protein Intake Vessel
AVVC Protein Intake Vessel
AVVC Protein Intake Vessel
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AVVC Protein Intake Vessel

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I'm going to be honest here.....I just wanted AVVC branded protein shakers because i'm a massive gym rat and spend at least 10-15 hours a week lifting heavy things and putting them down again. 

These shakers will give you 17.6% more lift on your PBs. Its essentially

Trenbolone but without having to stick a needle in your bum in front of the selfie mirror. 

These can be used to smash more pre work out than you need.....really masking the fact that without the pre your lift numbers would be garbage. Do you put two scoops of protein powder in even though you only need one? and then say "But it adds more flavour.....i don't want to get jacked i want to get lean" or some shit. We know the truth. You think your body will keep that extra protein in instead of expelling it like normal vitamin tablets you dork. 

Anyway.....LIGHT WEIGHT BABY!!!!!

** There will be a very small pre order window for these



Non of this is true except the extra scoops thing

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