Body Prison Trucking Good Times and Cigarettes
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Body Prison Trucking Good Times and Cigarettes

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This is a pre order - All profits raised will be donated to Cancer Council

The t-shirt presents a bold and satirical take on toxic masculinity, featuring the phrase "HELLYEAH TRUCKS AND CIGARETTES" in striking blue and white block lettering. This statement appears to ironically elevate typically masculine themes, such as a fondness for trucks and smoking. Below this, a query "HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF" leads the eye to the band's name "BODY PRISON" emblazoned across the bottom in a red, gothic-style font that adds a touch of edginess. The design includes a graphic of a blue dump truck and a pack of cigarettes, further emphasizing the themes of trucks and cigarettes. By flaunting these symbols with a tongue-in-cheek approach, the t-shirt cleverly critiques the exaggerated ideals of manliness. The commitment to donate all proceeds to the Cancer Council adds a layer of social consciousness to the shirt, intertwining humor with a serious commitment to battling the consequences that such lifestyles can entail, like cancer.

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