Chasing Ghosts - Homelands Unplugged - Test Bundle
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Chasing Ghosts - Homelands Unplugged - Test Bundle

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We have learnt more from Jimmy Kyle and Chasing Ghosts about the struggles of first nations people than we were ever taught throughout our entire school and adult life.

Jimmy has a voice that encapsulates his audiences. If you're not listening he'll call you out in a crowd....we've seen it happen. His stories demand attention and the music backs up his epic yarns. 

Track List
1. Sovereignty Has Never Been Ceded 
2. They Won't Get Better In Prison
3. Busted Lung - Unplugged
4. Surviving The Towel Creek Massacre
5. Summer - Unplugged
6. The Shamed And The Shamed
7. Home Town Strangers In An Urban Dreaming - Unplugged
8. The Heart Is Raw And The Body Is Tired
9. Kids Raise Kids - Unplugged 
10. Soldier On
11. Wear My Medals - Unplugged
12. We Know Who They Are - We Remember
13. Dig - Unplugged

Test Bundle Includes
- Orange and Black Smash x 1
- Orange with Black Splatter x 1
- Test Press x 1

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