Drastic Park - Compound Fracture // Recycled limbs of the OG members //
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Drastic Park - Compound Fracture // Recycled limbs of the OG members //

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Introducing the Drastic Park Compound Fracture Vinyl Release - A Sonic Odyssey!

🎶 Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate Musical Experience 🎶

At Anti Vinyl Vinyl Club, we're thrilled to present the Drastic Park Compound Fracture vinyl release, an absolute must-have for vinyl enthusiasts and music lovers alike. Dive into the heart-pounding world of sound with this exceptional addition to your vinyl collection.

🌟 Key Features:

Stunning Artwork: The vinyl sleeve features mesmerizing and exclusive artwork that complements the music, making it a true collector's item.

Limited Edition: This release is part of an extremely limited batch, ensuring that you're among the privileged few to own this musical gem.

🎵 About Drastic Park:

Drastic Park is renowned for pushing the boundaries of music in the Australian music scene. Their Compound Fracture release is a sonic masterpiece that seamlessly blends genres and emotions, taking you on a journey through their unique musical landscape.

The B side is a first for us, A live show! Capturing Drastic Park in their element. Jokes and All. 

Side A 
1. Back Down
2. Brightside
3. Freefall
4. Hivemind
5. Runaway ft Clay J Gladstone

Side B
1. Live at Stay Gold - Final Terra show 


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