Samsara - Blood Red Press
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Samsara - Blood Red Press

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You're going to instantly know who Samsara are or you're about to get an education. The Early 2000s were an epic time for Australian heavy music. So many cool new bands pushing the boundaries of Metal and Hardcore. The big push of heavy Metalcore. Australia, much like now, was on the forefront and leading the way. 

For the first time we bring you the 2005 Samsara EP on vinyl. 4 Heavy Tracks. 4 Massive moments in Aus heavy music history. Before 'The Emptiness' and 'Instinct Over Influence' there was this. Presented in its original song order and with updated cover art!

Side A
1. Up To My Neck
2. Admit Defeat

Side B
1. Refuse To Repent
2. Broken History 

Black /75
Red /75
Test /10

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